Turkey strikes DAESH positions in Syria, kills 25

Turkey’s warplanes conducted air strikes against terror groups in northern Syria in retaliation to attacks carried out on Turkish armed forces backing FSA fighting against DAESH in Jarabulus, northern Syria.

Photo by: Reuters
Photo by: Reuters

A Turkish soldier on an armoured personnel carrier waves as they drive from the border back to their base in Karkamis on the Turkish-Syrian border in the southeastern Gaziantep province, Turkey, August 27, 2016.

Updated Aug 29, 2016

At least 25 terrorists were killed after Turkey carried out air strikes in retaliation to attacks by the PYD on Turkish armed forces backing the Free Syrian Army (FSA) fighting against DAESH in the city of Jarabulus, northern Syria according to Turkish Army's statement on Sunday. 

During one of the attacks, a Turkish soldier was killed and three others injured on Saturday.

Military officials said PYD had launched the rockets at two Turkish tanks operating 7 kilometers south of Jarabulus.

The PYD is affiliated with the PKK terrorist organisation, which has been waging war against Turkey since 1984.

The PKK are considered to be a terrorist organisation by Turkey, EU, US and NATO.

A Turkish army convoy drive from the border back to their base in Karkamis on the Turkish-Syrian border in the southeastern Gaziantep province, Turkey, August 27, 2016. Image: Reuters

Turkey launched the cross-border offensive on Wednesday to support the FSA in its fight against terror group DAESH.

The operation is targeting DAESH positions as part of Ankara’s Operation Euphrates Shield.

Turkish-backed FSA Gains Control of 5 Villages

FSA fighters backed by Turkish armed forces on Saturday liberated five villages from DAESH in the surrounding areas of Jarabulus and Al Rai cities in northern Syria.

Turkish-backed FSA fighters are now cleaning Jarabulus of mines and explosives laid by DAESH before they were driven out from the northern city.

Smoke rises after the Free Syrian Army backed by Turkish armed forces detonate DAESH mines in Jarabulus, Syria, August 26, 2016. Image: AA.

On Thursday, the Turkish-backed FSA gained full control of Jarabulus after the launch of air and ground assault as part of the cross-border campaign by the Turkish armed forces supported by US led coalition airstrikes a day earlier.

Members of Turkish-backed FSA carry out a house to house search in Jarabulus left by DAESH terrorists in Syria, August 26, 2016. Photo by AA

Jarabulus is located just one kilometre from the Turkey-Syria border.

Life Returning to Normal

Life is returning to normal in Jarabulus, days after Operation Euphrates Shield was started.

Workplaces are re-opening and children have started playing on the streets.

One business owner in the district, requesting anonymity due to security concerns, expressed satisfaction over reopening his shop.

Kids of local residents are seen on a street in Jarabulus after Turkish-backed FSA took control of the northern Syrian city, August 25, 2016. Image: AA.

He said he was happy to regain his freedom as the Turkish-backed FSA cleaned the district of DAESH militants.

An electronic materials business owner, who also did not want to be identified, said he was happy to see his business open again after the withdrawal of DAESH militants.

He wished for life in the district to return to normal as soon as possible.

Operations against DAESH terrorist group in northern Syria continue.

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