Turkey to require visas from Libyan visitors

Turkey is introducing visa requirements for Libyans after long visa-free period

Photo by: Reuters
Photo by: Reuters

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The Turkish Foreign Minister has told the Libyan embassy that they were cancelling an agreement from 2009, renouncing visas for naturals of both Libya and Turkey, according to a copy of the memorandum dated Aug. 25.

Turkey has been one of the countries where Libyans could travel to without a visa requirement, whether it be for holiday or commerce purposes.

Turkey and Libya have had strong economic ties even though Libyan banks have limited foreign ties. Many Libyan businessmen have accounts in Turkish banks. Also, many Turks run restaurants and supermarkets in Libya.

In February, Libya’s Tobruk-based government, which Turkey does not recognise, said it would ban Turkish firms from doing business on territory under its control. However the move hasn't been enforced yet.

Mohamed Tawil, a Foreign Minister official from Libya’s Tripoli administration, said that Turkey had notified the Libyan embassy in Ankara stating that Libyans traveling to Turkey must obtain a visa beginning on Sept. 25.

“We do not know the reason’’ Tawil said on a statement to the local al Nabaa televisionhe, adding ‘’Libya will also require Turks to get visa.”

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