Turkey’s DAESH operations proceed at full force

Turkey advances its struggle against DAESH with continuous nationwide raids

Photo by: AA
Photo by: AA

Anti-terror units in the southern province of Antalya detain a suspect accused to have connections to DAESH members in Syria

Updated Oct 30, 2015

Turkish security forces carried out scores of operations against the DAESH terrorist organisation in several provinces of Turkey, following the deadliest attack in the modern history of the country that took place in the capital city of Ankara on Oct. 10. 

Chief Public Prosecutor’s Office of Ankara issued an extensive statement on Oct. 28 concerning the Ankara bombings, indicating that the attacks were plotted by the DAESH terrorist organisation and that the suicide bombers received the order to carry out the attack from DAESH members in Syria.

The bombing targeted a march organised by leftist labor unions and political parties, killing 102 people and injuring more than 500, according to the Turkish authorities.

Turkey’s Anadolu Agency has reported that Istanbul police department’s anti-terror units have conducted simultaneous operations on Oct. 29 with the support of police helicopters and special forces against previously determined DAESH cells in the city, the district of Bagcilar has been a primary target for police raids.

An unidentified number of suspects have been detained following the operations, in which certain homes and offices, including a magazine building and a bookshop, which are allegedly affiliated with the group were searched by the security forces.

Media reports also stated that 13 suspects have been sent to court on Oct. 28 in the northwestern province of Sakarya, following several operations against DAESH in the provinces of Istanbul, Ankara, Sakarya and Duzce on Oct. 26.  

Security forces performed another operation on Oct. 28 in the Menemen district of Turkey’s western metropolitan city of Izmir against a wanted DAESH member, who was detained by police and has been sent to prison by the court on the grounds that he has been in Syria and participated in DAESH activities, according to the media outlets.

Bursa police department also captured a suspect in the central Osmangazi district of the province, the media reported on Oct. 28. He was allegedly promoting DAESH in the province by making propaganda and recruiting people for the group.

Anadolu Agency reported on Oct. 28 that Konya police department has also detained two other suspects, allegedly connected to DAESH, increasing the number of the detainees to 32 in the central Anatolian province.

The police previously conducted simultaneous raids against the DAESH network in different areas in Konya on Oct. 27, detaining 30 people.

Adana police department detained nine suspects on Oct. 28 in the southern part of the country close to Syria, according to media reports. The reports claimed that one of the suspects was a recruiter for DAESH and was planning to smuggle eight foreign nationals into Syria.

Anti-terror units in the southern province of Antalya have detained three suspects including a female foreign national, who were accused to have connections with DAESH members in Syria, Anadolu Agency reported on Oct. 27.

Diyarbakir clashes with DAESH

Meanwhile, Turkish media reported that security forces have identified five out of a total of seven alleged DAESH members who were killed in the recent extensive operations against the group in the southeastern province of Diyarbakir on Oct. 26.

The police said that the seven suspects killed in the operations were suicide bombers and were being closely followed by security services since they entered into Turkey from Syria, two months ago.

During the operation, police forces detained 15 DAESH terrorists including the Diyarbakir head of the group in the Kayabasi district of Diyarbakir.

Anti-terror operations were executed simultaneously in 17 different sites where potential ISIS suicide bombers were suspected to be present and a DAESH suicide bomber killed two police officers by blowing himself up during one of the operations, according to a statement by Diyarbakir Governorate on Tuesday.

The statement said that a police search of the DAESH hideouts in Diyarbakir also discovered several documents belonging to the terrorist organisation, along with two Kalashnikov rifles, eight pistols, one shotgun, 17 fuses and a large amount of ammunition.

Over 250 DAESH terrorists arrested in first nine months

Turkish authorities have recently disclosed that 285 DAESH members have been arrested in the first nine months of 2015, effectively preventing a number of planned attacks by the group in the country.

During the operations, security forces detained over a thousand suspects and seized tonnes of materials used to make bombs, according to the statement from the authorities.

Turkish authorities have also confiscated 96 cell phones and hundreds of sim cards bought by the suspects using fake identities. The alleged DAESH-linked suspects have constantly changed their phone numbers in order to prevent their detection by intelligence services according to the statement.  

Turkish top government officials indicated in late July that the country has also developed a surveillance system called “Physical Border Security System [SFGS in Turkish]” along the Syrian border to prevent the flow of foreign fighters who are connected to DAESH, PYD, or other groups.

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