Turkish army says two soldiers missing in Syria

A search is underway in the region to find the missing soldiers.

Photo by: Reuters
Photo by: Reuters

Until now, over 1,500 square kilometres of land in northern Syria have been cleared of Daesh as part of Turkey’s Euphrates Shield operation.

The Turkish army lost contact with two soldiers in Syria's north-eastern Aleppo Province around 1230 GMT on Tuesday, according to a military statement.

The soldiers were assisting Free Syrian Army (FSA) fighters as part of the Turkish-backed operation Euphrates Shield which is Ankara’s first full-scale operation against Daesh and YPG.

The army is still searching for the soldiers in the region, the statement added.

At the same time, Daesh also claimed to have captured two soldiers in a village located west of Al-Bab city, around Aleppo. The statement was published by Al-Amaq, a Daesh affiliated media outlet on Tuesday.

It is unclear if the two Turkish soldiers missing are those Daesh has allegedly claimed to have captured.

Daesh had previously kidnapped 49 Turkish employees in 2014, after it seized Turkey’s consulate in Mosul city, in northwestern Iraq.

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