Turkish warplanes bomb PKK camps in northern Iraq

Turkish Air Force targets several PKK camps in northern Iraq according to general staff

Photo by: AA
Photo by: AA

Turkish fighter jets have been spotted in an undated photo.

Turkish Air Force fighter jets have carried out several air strikes against PKK terrorist hideouts in northern Iraq on Wednesday, Turkish army said.

Twelve Turkish warplanes, including F-16 and F-4 2020 fighter jets, have destroyed 11 targets in the areas around PKK's Hakurk, Haftanin, Avashin, and Basyan camps, including its shelters, caves and gun emplacements according to the military.

In response to PKK attacks, Turkish security forces stepped up its efforts against the terrorist group and launched numerous air strikes against several positions used by PKK groups in northern Iraq, since July 2015.

Turkey has long been confronted with armed attacks in its eastern and southeastern regions by the PKK, which is listed as a terrorist organisation by Turkey, the US, the EU, and NATO.

The PKK was established by Abdullah Ocalan and his supporters in 1974 in Ankara and the group began launching terror attacks in 1984. Armed clashes and acts of violence have continued on and off for more than 30 years and claimed more than 40,000 lives.

Recent PKK terror attacks have killed more than 300 security officials in Turkey since the group’s umbrella organisation, the KCK, unilaterally ended a two and half year-long ceasefire on July 11 and threatened the country with further attacks.

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