Twin suicide bombings kill 18 in Baghdad

ISIS claimes doubled suicide car bombings in Shia dominated northern Baghdad that kill 18 and wound more than 60 people

Photo by: AP
Photo by: AP

Civilians gather at the scene of a bomb attack in Jameela market in the crowded Sadr City neighbourhood in Baghdad in August 2015

ISIS claimed doubled suicide attacks, targeting Shiite Muslim districts of the capital city of Baghdad that killed at least 18 people on Saturday, Reuters news agency reports.

The attacks happened at 14:30 GMT, and the local police said at least 60 people were wounded in Kadhimiya and Hurriya districts of northern Baghdad.

"The first explosion was a suicide car bomb and then there was a bomber with a suicide vest," a police colonel said.

The first bombing killed 11 and wounded more than 36, while the second blast killed seven and wounded more than 25 people.

The bombing occurred in Adan square, a popular visitor spot on weekends, AFP news agency reports.

Adan Square has been hit several times by attacks before and 20 people died in another suicide bombing in February.

ISIS has announced that the target was "rejectionists", a derogatory word for Shiites.

Baghdad and other main Iraqi cities have been targeted against the Iraqi forces and government officials with roadside bombs, suicide blasts and assassinations.

The attacks have imposed significant casualties among the civilian population and the aftermath violence have claimed hundreds of lives while tens of thousands of Iraqis have been internally displaced.

At least 67 people killed in a car bombing in Jameela market located in Shiite dominated Sadr City in August.

Number of attacks increased in Iraq since 2011, the year US combat troops withdrawal began.

Following the withdrawal of the US troops, ISIS have expanded their sphere of influence in Iraq and neighboring Syria.

Iraqi forces have been fighting against ISIS with support of aerial campaigns led by the US and the ally powers.

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