Two suicide bombs kill 12 Iraqi troops

Two suicide bombings kill 12 Iraqi troops in western Anbar province

Photo by: Reuters
Photo by: Reuters

Iraqi troops in Anbar after capturing University of Anbar from ISIS

At least 12 troops were killed in consecutive suicide attacks targeting security forces near the ISIS-held Ramadi city in Anbar province, Iraqi officials said.  

According to the Associated Press, two Iraqi officials  - one with the Iraqi army , the other with the country’s counterterrorism forces- said the suicide attacks were executed on Wednesday morning by two explosives-laden Humvees into forces deployed outside of the University of Ramadi complex.

The officials told AP on condition of anonymity that eight troops were injured during the attack.

On Sunday, the Iraqi army had recaptured the University of Ramadi from ISIS militants after  fierce clashes.


Iraqi government forces had pushed to reclaim the western city of Ramadi, the provincial capital of Anbar province, which was captured by ISIS in mid-May.

The battle for Ramadi will be crucial in testifying the ability of the Iraqi army led by the Iraqi Prime Minister Haider al Abadi, backed by the US-led coalition air strikes to defeat ISIS.

US President Barack Obama descried the loss of Ramadi as a “strategic setback.”

More than 3,360 US troops are currently stationed in Iraq for training the Iraqi troops.

US Defense Secretary Ash Carter made a surprise visit to Baghdad, the capital of Iraq, last week. Carter had previously criticised Iraqi forces after the loss of Ramadi, citing a lack of will to fight.

Iraqi forces had reportedly abandoned US imported equipment in the battle field against ISIS, causing the militant group to claim the abandoned humvees, and later execute several operations with it across Iraq.

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