UN says Congolese Army killed 2 UN troops

Congolese troops last year killed two UN peacekeepers meeting Ugandan rebels, UN report says

Photo by: Reuters (Archive)
Photo by: Reuters (Archive)

Congolese troops patrol a village in northeastern Congo.

Congolese troops killed two United Nations peacekeepers after civilians accused the Tanzanian UN troops of providing supplies to Ugandan rebels in east Congo, according to a confidential UN Security Council report.

UN experts said the UN peacekeeping force MONUSCO had initially accused the Allied Democratic Forces (ADF), Ugandan rebels operating in Congo since the 1990s, for carrying out an ambush that killed two peacekeepers and several civilians as well as wounding 26 UN  troops on May 5.

However, the group of experts said it was not an ambush and that it was Congolese troops (FARDC) that fired at the peacekeepers near the Mayi Moya town in Beni after "they had been told by two civilians that the Tanzanians were providing supplies to the ADF."

According to the report, the Tanzanian troops had met the ADF but the group is "not in a position to explain why."

Tanzania's Defence Minister Hussein Mwinyi and MONUSCO spokesman Felix Basse said they could not immediately comment, while the FARDC spokesman General Leon Kasonga said he had no information about the incident.

More than a decade after the formal end to regional conflicts in eastern Congo that killed millions of people, most from hunger and disease, dozens of armed groups are still exploiting its natural resources and attacking local people.

The UN peacekeeping mission in the Congo has a unique mandate to take offensive military action against rebel groups that have ruined the region since the Rwandan genocide two decades ago.

Despite ADF being blamed for most of the deaths by the government and UN mission in Democratic Republic of Congo, in a report released in October, the UN experts who monitor sanctions on the country had said that many of the killings they had made an enquiry into did not seem similar to known ADF attacks that had occurred in the past.  

At least 500 people have been killed in overnight murders in the Beni area since October 2014, according to local activists.

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