UN says South Sudan soldiers raped, burned people

UN report says South Sudan army soldiers raped women, burned people during civil war

Photo by: Reuters
Photo by: Reuters

A group of South Sudan soldiers standing on a vehicle

A recent study by United Nations experts revealed abuses committed by South Sudanese soldiers against civilians, especially women and children.

On Aug. 25, the UN published the details of a briefing by UN Under Secretary General Stephen O’Brien to UN Security Council, detailing his group's findings during their visit to South Sudan and listed the atrocities reported.

“Allegations include rampant killing, rape, abduction, looting, arson and forced displacement and even such horrific acts as burning of people inside their own homes,” O’Brien said, detailing the claims against South Sudanese soldiers.

“Hundreds of women and girls have been abducted and hundreds more have been subjected to sexual violence, including gang-rape.”

In one case a woman was raped in front of her child and in another case a breastfeeding woman was gang raped by the government soldiers, O’Brien reported.

South Sudan has been plagued by civil war since late 2013 between the forces loyal to President Salva Kiir against forces loyal to ex Vice President Riek Machar. UN brokered peace deal is expected to be signed soon to end the conflict.  

The UNSC is considering to impose an arms embargo on the South Sudanese government, if President Kiir does not sign the peace deal, which is already signed by the opposition.

O’Brien and other UN officials say the humanitarian situation in the country will get worse if the conflict is not resolved.

More than 20 months of civil war, claimed tens of thousands of lives, displaced 2.2 million people and caused 4.6 million to suffer food shortages.


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