UN security body calls Libyan govt’s to share power

Libyan parties urged to share power, forming unity government

Photo by: AFP
Photo by: AFP

Updated Jul 28, 2015

The United Nations has called all Libyan parties to reach agreement on a unity government, stipulating a power sharing deal between Tobruk and Tripoli governments.

The UN Security Council urged on Monday the two governments to accept a peace deal, requiring the Tobruk government to share power with the Tripoli government.

Libya, an oil rich nation in North africa, is split between rival parliaments. The Tripoli government, backed by Qatar and Turkey, controls western Libya while the rival Tobruk government, linked to the United Arab Emirates, dominates the east.

The Security Council ruled out military solutions and stressed the importance of the deal, which is hoped to end “Libya’s political, security and institutional crises.”

Libya is in chaos since the overthrow of the former leader, Muammar Gaddafi, in 2011 when militias gained control much of the country.

Libya’s chaos has enabled human trafficking industry, where thousands of Africans are shuttled across the Mediterranean.

Italy, on the other side of the coast, confronts a huge problem to accommodate the influx of migrants rescued at sea who attempted to access further into Europe from Libya.

The international community began to expedite talks set on unifying the rival governments after the emergence of ISIS in the city of Derna.

Due to the lack of order in eastern Libya, ISIS was able to expand its influence uncontested on the ground, occupying parts of the central city of Sirte where forces from the Tripoli-allied Dawn Alliance’s Misrata-based 166th battalion continue to clash with the militants. 

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