UN Security Council condemns human rights abuses in Burundi

UN Security Council backs African Union's decision to investigate human rights violations in Burundi

Photo by: AFP (Archive)
Photo by: AFP (Archive)

The United Nations Security Council on Wednesday backed an African Union decision to investigate human rights abuses in Burundi and stated that it was ready to take action to restore peace, security and stability in the region.

The 15-member council said in a unanimous statement that it was deeply concerned by the increasing violence in Burundi, following the re-election of Pierre Nkurunziza.           

The violence has been steadily increasing since Nkurunziza’s re-election in July, which the opposition says contradicts the terms of the peace deal and the constitution signed in 2006 after ten years of civil war.

Crisis in the country has killed over 200 people and wounded at least 500 since April. More than 200,000 people have fled to neighboring countries, according to the UN.

The UN Security Council called on those involved in the incidents  "to reject armed rebellion to resolve the current crisis" and engage in dialogue "to spare the country and its people further suffering."

UN Security Council strongly condemned all human rights violations and acts of violence committed both by security forces, militias and other illegal armed groups. It expressed its determination to bring the perpetrators of such acts to justice and welcomed the African Union's decision to launch investigations into the incidents.

African Union has starated an investigation into human rights violations and has called for travel bans and asset freezes on individuals found to be fuelling the violence.

On Wednesday, UN General Assembly elected 18 states to serve three-year terms on the United Nations Human Rights Council , Burundi is included in the 18 states.

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