US and allies urge UN to investigate into Iran missile test

US, UK, Germany and France ask UNSC to take action against Iran for ballistic missile test which caused claims of violation of UN sanctions

Photo by: Reuters
Photo by: Reuters

A new Iranian precision-guided ballistic missile is launched as it is tested at an undisclosed location October 11, 2015.

The United States, Britain, Germany and France wrote a letter to United Nations Security Council (UNSC) sanctions committee on Wednesday asking for investigation into and "appropriate action" against Iran, relating to its recent ballistic missile test.

These countries believe that the missile tested on Oct. 10 could carry a nuclear weapon.

The US submitted the letter in the name of the four countries to UNSC and said that the test was an infringement of Security Council resolutions and repeated that it was "inherently capable of delivering a nuclear weapon."

"We trust that this information will assist the Committee in its responsibility to examine and take appropriate action in response to violations of UN Security Council resolutions," said in the letter.

For the committee to carry out any investigation, UNSC should vote in favour of it, including an approval from all five permanent members of the council which are the US, UK, France, Russia and China.

The four applicant countries also underlined in the letter that, "intend to cooperate fully with the committee and its panel of experts in their investigation of this violation."

The letter was sent after the White House announcement that included to raise the incident at the UN October 13.

Iran had tested a brand new precision-guided ballistic missile to improve the accuracy of its missile arsenal.

US Ambassador to the United Nations Samantha Power claimed the test "was a clear violation of UN Security Council Resolution 1929," which was adopted in 2010 and prohibits Iran of tests of missiles which could carry nuclear weapons. 

According to a UNSC resolution passed in July following the historic nuclear deal between Iran and world powers, Iran will maintain to be “called upon not to undertake any activity related to ballistic missiles designed to be capable of delivering nuclear weapons” for eight years.

“The Security Council prohibition on Iran’s ballistic missile activities, as well as the arms embargo, remain in place and we will continue to press the Security Council for an appropriate response to Iran’s disregard for its international obligations,” Power said in a statement for Associated Press News Agency.

However on Saturday Iran rejected any claims on the violation of UN resolutions against the missile test and insisted it has no plans to design any nuclear weapon.

Iran reached a long sought nuclear deal with world powers in July of this year. The deal between Iran and six world powers - Britain, China, France, Germany, Russia and the United States - is aimed at monitoring Iran's most sensitive nuclear work for over 12 years in exchange for immediate relief for the country from the economic sanctions, which have long crippled its economy.

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