US escorts ships through Hormuz after following seizure of vessel by Iran Thursday

US begins Hormuz Strait escort after Iran’s Revolutionary Guard commandeered cargo ship Thursday

Updated Jul 28, 2015

The US Navy  has escorted four American and one British vessel across the Hormuz Strait following fears that Iran may attempt to commander another vessel after it seized the Maersk Tigris Thursday.

US Army Col. Steve Warren stated that the four American vessels, though registered to the US Navy, had civilian crews and were carrying non lethal cargo.

US Central Command Spokesperson Air Force Colonel Pat Ryder also commented that all American vessels fearful of Iranian intrusion may request protection from the US navy while passing through the strait which lies partially in Iran’s territorial waters.

Iran’s Revolutionary Guard fired shots over the bow of a Marshall Islands flagged ship before boarding and forcing it off course for inspection Thursday, raising fears that other vessels may be targeted.

The Iranian revolutionary guard detained the crew of the Maersk Tigris following the commandeering of the vessel due to an alleged debt the Maersk shipping company owes resulting from a lawsuit.

The US Navy has a large presence in the Hormuz Strait as an American base lies in the United Arab Emirates.


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