US-led coalition targets ISIS VBIED facility in Iraq

Vehicle-borne improvised explosive device facility belonging to ISIS in Iraq near Ar Rutbah destroyed by US-led coalition airstrikes

Photo by: Reuters
Photo by: Reuters

Iraqi security forces gather on the outskirts of Ramadi August 6, 2015

The international coalition battling ISIS led by the US conducted an air strike on Wednesday and destroyed a vehicle-borne improvised explosive device (VBIED) facility, the Combined Joint Task Force said in a release on Thursday.

The coalition consists of 62 nations and has conducted more than 5,700 air strikes against ISIS since August 2014.

"A coalition airstrike, conducted in coordination with the government of Iraq, destroyed a Daesh [Islamic State] vehicle-borne IED facility near Ar Rutbah, Iraq August 19, 2015," the Joint Task Force release read.

According to the force, the successfully destroyed vehicles pose a direct threat to the Iraqi army and people.

"Every VBIED taken off the battlefield is one less insidious weapon that can be used by Daesh [ISIS] against the ISF [Iraqi Security Forces] and innocent Iraqis," Brigadier General Kevin Killea said.

The location of the facilities, Killea explained, was strategic for ISIS because it enabled the group to funnel VBIEDs into Iraq’s Anbar province.

Between 459 and 591 civilians were reportedly killed by the US-led coalition air strikes targeting the ISIS insurgency in both Syria and Iraq, Airwars, an independent investigative project that tracks the international war against ISIS, concluded in a report through a wide range of sources, including local media, witness reports, social media and video evidence.

The figures revealed in the report contrast greatly with the very low number of two civilian casualties acknowledged by the US-led coalition as “likely” to have been caused by its air strikes.

The US-led coalition has organised dozens of air strikes in both Iraq and Syria in recent days, as it seeks to weaken the control and power of the ISIS insurgency which has seized large swaths of both countries.

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