US lifts economic embargo on Liberia

US President Barack Obama congratulates Liberia for its effort to overcome horrors of civil war and Ebola as US lifts sanctions on country

Photo by: Reuters
Photo by: Reuters

U.S. President Barack Obama delivers remarks at a Organizing for Action event in Washington.

The United State lifted an economic embargo on Liberia on Thursday, as President Barack Obama applauded the country’s "tremendous progress" and dedication to democracy, the White house said.

President Obama cancelled executive sanctions on Liberia that were ordered in July 2004 due to the threat posed to US foreign policy by the country's former president Charles Taylor.

Charles Taylor was accused of being responsible for a civil war in 1989-2003 that killed nearly 250,000 people. He was sentenced to prison in 2012 for 50 years over war crimes and atrocities committed in the neighboring country of Sierra Leone during its civil war in the 1990s.  

National Security Council spokesman Ned Price said in a statement that "The United States congratulates the people of Liberia for their determination, ingenuity, and commitment to peace and democracy that has made this possible." 

"Liberia has worked to overcome not only the scars of war but also the challenge of responding to an unprecedented outbreak of Ebola," he said.

Last month, the UN National Security council lifted some sanctions on Liberia, including a travel embargo and asset freeze, to help increase stability in the impoverished country.  

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