US official says Russia carries out air strikes in Syria

US official says Russian jets start to hit targets around Homs without giving any details

Photo by: Reuters (Archive)
Photo by: Reuters (Archive)

Sukhoi SU-35 fighter jet

Updated Oct 1, 2015

A US official who spoke on condition of anonymity, said on Wednesday Russia has started carrying out air strikes in Syria around the city of Homs. He added that Moscow gave the United States a one-hour advanced notice of its operations.

The official said the information on the air strikes was preliminary and declined to give any details, including on the number of the air strikes.

The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights earlier said at least 27 people were killed in air strikes in the western province of Homs. The Observatory added that six children were among the dead, while dozens were wounded.

It has been reported earlier by activists and local sources that two Russian SU 24 jets have flown over Hama, located 213 km and Homs 46 km north of Damascus and hit both cities.

According to claims and footages on social media, some civilian casualties occurred.

Allegations surfaced after Russian parliament unanimously approved use of military force in Syria on Wednesday.

A US official said on Wednesday, Russia demanded that American warplanes exit Syrian airspace. US military source said the US planes would not comply with the Russian demand.

A senior defense official said "There is nothing to indicate that we are changing operations over Syria"

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