US strikes Al Shabaab camp in Somalia killing more than 150

More than 150 killed in US drone strike targeting Al Shabaab training camp in Somalia

Photo by: Reuters
Photo by: Reuters

Residents gather at the scene of a car bomb attack near Somali Youth League Hotel, known as SYL hotel, in Hamarweyne district in capital Mogadishu, Somalia on February 27, 2016.

The US military carried out a drone strike over the weekend targeting a training camp run by Somali militant group Al Shabaab about 120 miles north of capital Mogadishu, killing more than 150 fighters, the Pentagon said on Monday.

"It was a successful strike," said Pentagon Spokesman Captain Jeff Davis, adding US intelligence indicated the group was preparing for a "large scale attack" and posed a threat to US and African Union forces in Somalia.

Somalia is struggling to revive from two decades of turmoil.

The Al Qaeda-linked Al Shabab frequently launches attacks targeting government buildings, hotels and security forces in Mogadishu in its attempt to overthrow the internationally-backed government.

Al Shabab militants were driven out of many regions they once controlled over the African territory, including Mogadishu and they have since carried out violent attacks targeting government officials and civilians.

Al Shabab have been designated as a terrorist organisation by the United States, the United Kingdom, Turkey, the United Arab Emirates as well as NATO.

TRTWorld, Reuters