US supplies Syrian opposition alliance with ammunition

US supplies fresh batch of ammunition to Syrian opposition alliance including YPG, offical

Photo by: Reuters
Photo by: Reuters

YPG inspect damage at a site hit by one of the three truck bombs in the YPG-controlled town of Tel Tamer, Syria December 11, 2015.

A fresh supply of ammunition has been delivered through land to Syrian Arab and Kurdish opposition groups from the US in the northeast part of the country, senior US military officials told Reuters.

The delivery comes ahead of a particularly important battle with DAESH in the Syrian town of al Shadadi, a strategic area of control for the terrorist group as it allows access to a network of highways, one of them leading to Raqqa, DAESH’s self-proclaimed capital.

US Army Colonel Steve Warren, a Baghdad-based spokesman for the US-led coalition against DAESH, said, "the militants used al Shadadi to stage weapons, equipment and personnel for distribution throughout the battlefield."

The recent delivery of ammunition is the third delivery to the Syrian Arabs and Kurds since the United States started supplying them through airdrops in October.

US military cargo planes dropped 50 tonnes of ammunition to a newly formed coalition in Syria's Hasakah province for a coalition of groups dubbed Syrian Democratic Forces, which are led by the YPG, the Syrian branch of PKK the terrorist organisation.

NATO ally, and key player in the war against terrorism, Turkey, has expressed serious concerns about ammunition ending up in the hands of the PKK, which is considered to be a terrorist organization by the NATO, the US, and the European Union.

The five thousand strong Syrian Arab and Kurdish alliance forming the so-called Syrian Democratic Forces seeks to recapture lands lost to DAESH, officials say.

The pentagon did not supply information about further resupplies and declined to comment on any specific operations but noted US President Barack Obama has said the support of Syrian forces on the ground is a key part of his strategy for combatting DAESH.

US officials expect a fierce fight in al Shadadi

Reuters quoted US military officials, speaking on condition of anonymity, as saying they expect a fierce fight for al Shadadi, and that uprooting DAESH will not be easy largely because of its strategic importance.

DAESH has taken advantage of the security vacuum in both Iraq and Syria to take control of large swathes of land in the two countries.

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