US will not meet Muslim Brotherhood delegates

US State Department not planning meeting with Muslim Brotherhood representatives

Photo by: AA
Photo by: AA

Updated Jul 28, 2015

US State Department diplomats do not plan on meeting with Muslim Brotherhood delegates, US officials said on Tuesday according to AA.

The decision comes after Egypt reportedly summoned the US ambassador in Cairo to express displeasure at the Muslim Brotherhood’s US visit, whose members are visiting Washington on a private trip.

"The State Department is not planning a meeting with the visiting delegation," State Department spokesman Jeffrey Rathke said.

"We engage with representatives from across the political spectrum, and this is a group we've also met with in the recent past. But you know, we don't have any further reasoning than we simply aren't meeting with them this time."

A State Department official told AFP, "It is the prerogative of the (State) Department to prioritise its engagements and a meeting won't be helpful at this time."

Egypt’s ambassador to Washington remained quiet about the visit of Muslim Brotherhood.

Since the July 2013 military coup that deposed Mohamed Morsi - Egypt’s first democratically elected president - after he had been in office for just one year, the country’s post-coup regime has led a crackdown on anti-coup opposition. It has particularly targeted the Muslim Brotherhood movement, from which Morsi hails, outlawing it as a "terrorist organisation" in the country after the coup.

Hundreds of Morsi supporters were killed when Egyptian security forces dispersed anti-coup protests in Cairo’s Rabaa and Nahda Squares a little over a month after Morsi was deposed.

Hundreds more have been arrested for defying a protest ban in the country, including members of pro-democracy groups that once called on Morsi to quit amid protests against his rule before the coup, while hundreds of alleged Muslim Brotherhood members have been handed mass death sentences in trials that have received widespread international condemnation.

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