Violent clashes kill dozens in Iraq

Dozens of Iraqi soldiers, militants and civilians killed as a result of fighting between Iraqi forces and ISIS

Photo by: Reuters
Photo by: Reuters

Updated Jul 28, 2015

Iraqi air strikes targeting ISIS, have allegedly killed at least 12 civilians and injured 28 others in the city of Fallujah city in Anbar province, a local tribal chief told Anadolu Agency.

For its part, the Iraqi defence ministry said fighter jets had carried out fresh air strikes on ISIS targets in Anbar and Salahuddin provinces.

The air strike targeted a residential area and local markets in the city, Sheikh Abu Mohammed al-Delimi said.

“Iraqi army war planes dropped five barrel bombs on Fallujah city on homes of civilians and local markets, leaving 12 people dead and 28 others injured, including children and women,” al-Delimi said.

“The barrel bombs caused severe damage in the area and destroyed 15 homes, an apartment building and a number of shops. Later, Iraqi forces shelled the al-Hajj Shaker al-Dahi mosque in central Fallujah which left a large part of the mosque destroyed and a number of shops,” he added.

The emergency department of the hospital was reported have received 12 bodies, including three children and two women, and 28 injured, including eight children and five women according to medical sources.

A video of the raids published by the defence ministry of Iraq, stated that many ISIS fighters were killed while equipment and buildings used as headquarters were destroyed.

Last month, the Iraqi government announced the start of a major offensive to recapture areas under the control of ISIS in Anbar.

Shiite militia claims ISIS leader killed near Fallujah

An ISIS leader and his five deputies were claimed to have been killed by Shiite militias fighting near the Fallujah district of Garma in Anbar province

“In the fight against ISIS in the subdistrict of Garma east of Fallujah, Hatam Shahada, known as Abu Musab Muhajir, was killed along with 20 other militants and two of the killed militants hold foreign IDs,” General Mahmoud Marzi, a a popular mobilisation forces commander, told news agencies on Tuesday.

Fallujah, 69 kilometers west of Baghdad, has been under ISIS control since last summer.

The city has been besieged by the Iraqi Army, which has been continuously shelling the city to weaken the extremists.

ISIS claims to have killed 33 soldiers and allied fighters

According to Al Jazeera at least 33 Iraqi army soldiers and allied fighters have been killed in an ambush by ISIS in a town in the flashpoint western Anbar province.

More than 40 others soldiers were injured in Monday's attack in al-Seddiqiya, located east of the provincial capital Ramadi, military sources told Al Jazeera.

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