War in Syria forces locals to refine their own oil

Armed groups like Daesh and the YPG control most of Syria's oil fields. Some local Syrians have set up makeshift refineries in a country where petrol has become scarce and expensive.

Photo by: TRT World
Photo by: TRT World

A local oil refinery in a village in northeast Syria.

Petrol has become scarce in oil-rich Syria as armed groups like Daesh and the YPG control the bulk of the country's oil fields.

Many people have resorted to refining oil in small scale operations to earn a living.

Thousands of makeshift oil refineries have appeared in the east and northeast of the country. One such operation is in a village in Al Hasakah province in northeast Syria

TRT World’s Sarah Jones has the story of Abu Mohammad, a man trying to earn a living. But as we see, it's not easy.