'We are for security of Turkey' says Iraq's foreign minister

Iraqi foreign minister calls on Ankara to coordinate operations on PKK terrorists by Turkish military forces

Photo by: Reuters
Photo by: Reuters

Iraqi foreign minister Ibrahim Al Jaafari

Iraqi Foreign Minister Ibrahim al Jaafari called on Ankara to coordinate with Baghdad over the operations the Turkish military has been carrying out on PKK positions in northern Iraq, ahead of the Arab League conference in Cairo.

Ibrahim al Jaafari said that ‘’we are for the security of Turkey. Turkey has the right to defend itself,” adding, “but there must be coordination on the ground with the Iraqi government and Iraqi armed forces."

Iraq has been silent on the operations the Turkish military has been conducting over PKK positions, focusing mostly on mountainous area of Iraq near the borders of Turkey and Iran.

Jafaari said that he had summoned the Turkish ambassador to oppose the ‘’violation of Iraqi sovereignty.’’

According to an agreement, which had been made during Saddam Hussain’s era, Turkey and Iraq have the right to counter operations by crossing the border, limited to 15 kilometres over PKK terrorist attacks.

The President of Kurdistan Regional Government (KRG)  Masoud Barzani said that the PKK must withdraw from Iraqi Kurdistan to not to harm civilians, following operations of Turkish jets on outlawed PKK camps.

During a meeting in January in the Sengal province of Mosul, outlawed PKK declared a canton on the territories where the Yazidi reside. Notable Yazidis and members of the KRG responded to the move by addressing it was against the law of KRG along with being against the will of the public.

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