What has Hamas achieved in the last decade?

Hamas is a Palestinian movement with a military wing that styles itself as the defender of the people in Gaza. But in Gaza City's Palestine Square, there are different views about Hamas' governance.

Photo by: Reuters
Photo by: Reuters

Members of Palestinian security forces loyal to Hamas stand guard during a news conference disclosing details on the killing of senior commander Mazen Fuqaha, in Gaza City May 16, 2017.

For ten years, Hamas has controlled the Gaza Strip between Israel and Egypt. 

In that time Israel's government has imposed a land, sea and air blockade which has restricted access to building materials and some everyday goods. 

Hamas, which works independently of the Palestinian Authority in the West Bank, has been supported by Iran, Turkey and Qatar in recent years. 

TRT World's Middle East correspondent Iolo ap Dafydd looks at what Hamas has achieved and how Qatar's recent diplomatic difficulties may impact Palestinians.


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