Woman and children killed in Sinai

Mortar shell falls on house in suburbs of Sinai’s Sheikh Zuwaid, killing one woman and her four young children

Photo by: Reuters
Photo by: Reuters

Updated Jul 28, 2015

Security sources in Egypt’s Sheikh Zuwaid have said that a civilian woman and her four children were killed on Friday after a shell fell on their house in a village near to the town of Sheikh Zuwaid in Egypt’s North Sinai Governorate.

The woman was 37 years of age, her body and that of her four children were transferred to Al Arish General Hospital.

It’s still unclear which side fired the mortar round, a type used by both the army and militants. Five civilians were killed Wednesday in a similar incident in the same area.

The woman’s house is located in Abu Zirie village, south of Sheikh Zuwaid which has seen fierce clashes between the army and fighters of Ansar Bait al Maqdis, a militant group affiliated with ISIS.

The army said at least 100 militants died on July 1 in addition to 17 soldiers who were also killed during the clashes, which lasted for about eight hours.

The army said that more than 140 militants have been killed in the days following the clashes, but restrictions on press coverage in the region have prevented access to accurate information from independent sources.

A spokesman for Egypt’s Ministry of Health Hossam Abdul Ghaffar told Reuters that 20 policemen and one civilian were wounded on Thursday in a bomb explosion in a bus in Al-Arish.

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