Women displaced by Daesh are turning their tents into homes

When they will be able to return home is unclear. In the meantime, women, who fled DAESH in Mosul, are organising their makeshift homes to make them more liveable.

Courtesy of: TRTWorld
Courtesy of: TRTWorld

TRT World’s Abir Ahmar reports from Hassan Al Sham camp in Erbil's Kalak district.

Two months after fleeing Daesh in Mosul, women are back together, trying to make the best out of the dire conditions in the camps by utilising their tents.

They have divided the tents in the Hassan Al Sham camp in Erbil's Kalak district into different rooms - for cooking, sleeping and for storing their goods.

Many arrived to the camp with nothing, and they have limited access to basic necessities. Pregnant women are worried for their children’s future.  

They say they are not hopeful that the situation will change anytime soon.

TRT World’s Abir Ahmar reports from Northern Iraq.