YPG pushes out civilians along with Daesh in Syria

YPG, which is considered by Turkey a Syrian branch of PKK terrorist organisation, appears to be changing the demographics of areas that it controls by expelling Arab and Turkmen families.

Photo by: Reuters
Photo by: Reuters

A man, displaced from fighting in the Daesh stronghold of Raqqa holds a child in front of a tent near village of Karama, Syria July 1, 2017.

Armed groups in Syria have been clearing the lands once occupied by Daesh.

But on the eastern banks of the Euphrates river, the YPG has not only pushed out the terror group but allegedly many of its original inhabitants too -- the original Arab and Turkmen inhabitants apear to be the victims of this action.

Turkey considers YPG a Syrian branch of PKK which is listed as a terrorist organisation by the EU, the US and Turkey.

TRT World’s Alican Ayanlar reports from northern Syria. 

Civil war

Syria has remained embroiled in a civil war that began in 2011 after the forces of regime leader Bashar al-Assad launched a crack down on the pro-democratic and opposition protesters. 

The violent conflict has claimed at least 400,000 deaths and triggered the worst humanitarian crisis of the recent world history.

The civil war also led to the displacement of millions of people and caused refugee crisis affecting most of Europe as well as other parts of the world.