Chile kicks off longest ever football match

3000 professional and amateur players will play a football match that will last for over 5 days, in an attempt to break the Guinness record for the longest football match ever.

Photo by: Reuters video
Photo by: Reuters video

Players from Chile's national team have joined forces with amateur footballers in the world record attempt.

A total of five days, 3000 players and 120 hours of non-stop football could cast Chile into the Guinness World Record books.

The crazy attempt to host the longest ever football match kicked off at the Bicentenary Stadium in the country's capital Santiago on Thursday.

3000 players across two teams are made up of Chilean international stars and amateurs who applied online to play alongside their heroes.

Collectively, the teams intend to beat the current record of 105 hours which was previously set by the Craig Gowans Memorial Fund in Scotland last year.

Chile's national team's goalkeeper, Cristopher Toselli said, "To me it's a beautiful challenge. It's crazy, but let's hope this insanity can be accomplished."

"It's many hours, over many days, evidently. But for the regular players, there is plenty of motivation to come out to be able to play with us professional players."

Each player will be on the pitch for an hour, just 30 minutes under the regulation time of a normal 90-minute football match.

But for players involved, the opportunity to rewrite history is easing away the pain that may come with the gruelling 5-day match.

Amateur participant Alvaro Valenzuela said, "It's a really great experience, in all truth. It's extremely enriching, for me at least, as I practically don't play sports. It's a unique experience, valuable, and I would like it if there were more initiatives like this one."

TRTWorld, Reuters