250 illegal immigrants captured in Turkey’s Bodrum

Turkish coast guard captures 250 illegal immigrants trying to enter Greece from Bodrum

Photo by: AA
Photo by: AA

Updated Jul 28, 2015

250 immigrants from Syria, Afghanistan, Iran and Pakistan were captured by the Turkish Coast Guard in town of Bodrum in Mugla province on Sunday, attempting to illegally travel to the island of Kos, a Greek island off Turkish waters.

Kos island is nearly 3.5 kilometers away from Bodrum, roughly a twenty-minute boat journey with migrants paying smugglers up to 800 euros (879 dollars).

During the patrol aimed at preventing illegal migration, the Coast Guard began to pursue the inflatable boats leaving the Turkish shore. After the pursuit, the Coast Guard determined the boats were filled with illegal migrants and intercepted the vessels.

Following the capture of the 250 illegal migrants and a Turkish captain, the Coast Guard brought the migrants to the Turgutreis Coast Guard Command Centre for processing. The Turkish captain was detained for human trafficking.

On May 28, 185 immigrants from various countries like Myanmar, Syria and Afghanistan were captured by Turkish authorities during their journey from Bodrum to Greece.

According to the Daily Mail, around 1,200 migrants were rescued by Greek authorities in the eastern Aegean Sea last week.

The paper states that the locals of the Kos island and the holiday-goers feel uncomfortable about migrants coming to the island causing insecurity and chaos.

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