55 refugees detained in Turkey’s Yalova

Turkish gendarmerie forces detain 55 refugees from Syria, Iraq and Pakistan

Photo by: AA archive photo
Photo by: AA archive photo

Updated Oct 24, 2015

The Turkish gendarmerie detained 55 refugees in the northwestern Turkish city of Yalova while they were trying illegally leave the country on Friday.

The gendarmerie reportedly stopped a bus in a port to perform regular identity checks and found 28 Syrian, 20 Iraqi and 7 Pakistani refugees inside. Gendarmarie forces also found 56 life jackets in the bus

The detained refugees were delivered to the Yalova Police Station Foreigners Department.

Three human smugglers were also arrested and sent to prison.

Over 400 refugees were also detained while trying to reach European coasts across the Aegean Sea on Thursday.

The European Union last week offered Turkey almost €3 billion in aid, fewer restrictions on travel visas along with “re-energised” talks over joining the EU in return for greater Turkish help in stopping the flow of refugees to Europe. Additionally, the EU and Turkey also agreed on stricter measures regarding border control to slow the influx of refugees.

In response Turkish President Tayyip Erdogan said in a conference on Oct.16 that the European Union (EU), has been late in recognising Turkey’s significant role in slowing the refugee flow from Syria to Europe.

Turkish Foreign Minister Feridun Sinirlioglu said that "the action plan" agreed with the EU is "not final" and merely a draft which is being worked on.

He added, "There is a financial package proposed by the EU and we told them it is unacceptable because Turkey needed at least 3 billion euros [$3.4 billion] in the first year of the agreement.’’

According to United Nations registration records over two million of Syrian refugees are currently in Turkey.

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