AK Party's base voters favour coalition with nationalists

The Justice and Development Party spokesman Besir Atalay says party’s grassroots favours coalition with nationalist party

Photo by: AA
Photo by: AA

Updated Jul 28, 2015

Justice and Development Party [AK Party] spokesman Besir Atalay said on Monday that according to polls carried out by the party, its grassroots supporters want the AK party to form a coalition with the Nationalist Movement Party [MHP] ahead of coalitions negotiations.

“However, the AK Party's coalition choice would also depend on other factors, such as the upcoming meetings with other parties,” Atalay added.

The ruling AK Party won 258 seats in the parliament, thus losing the chance to form a majority government as they were short by 18 seats after Turkey’s June 7 elections.

Since the elections, coalition possibilities have become a daily debate in Turkey.

The MHP had been seen as the most likely junior coalition partner for the AK Party but MHP leader Devlet Bahceli uttered his doubts on forming a coalition government many times, setting ‘red lines’ which have driven talks to a deadlock.

Responding to a question about the coming parliament speaker election, Atalay said, “We will support our own candidate, Defence Minister Ismet Yilmaz against the three opposition candidates. We do not have any other plan.”

The election of the speaker will be conducted via a secret ballot and the first two ballots will take place on June 30. If necessary, the third and fourth ballot will be held on July 1 as a final round of election.

Since none of the four political parties have the 367 votes needed to elect a speaker in first three rounds in the parliament, the election of the new parliament speaker is seen a practice run for a possible coalition government.

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