AK Party’s spokesman underlines their aim 'to end terror'

Spokesman of Turkey’s governing AK Party says their main aim in peace process ending terror and disarming militant groups

Photo by: Reuters
Photo by: Reuters

AK Party spokesman Besir Atalay answering questions at a press conference

Updated Aug 1, 2015

Spokesperson of the Turkey’s governing Justice and Development Party (AK Party) Besir Atalay underlined AK Party’s main aim at “Peace Process” as ending terrorism and disarming militant groups in his comments on recent Turkish agenda at a press statement on Tuesday.

“Our main aim in Peace Process is ending terrorism and disarming, but both PKK and the HDP [pro-Kurdish Peoples’ Democratic Party] exploited our aim,” Atalay claimed.

The resolution process was initiated by the AK Party in 2012 to end the decades-old conflict with PKK.

He underlined the significance of politics in the process and said “The pro-Kurdish HDP could not remain a bay between guns, they should have done politics, but they did not.”

Atalay strongly stated that the resolution process will continue if PKK disarms as the AK Party does not give up democracy any more.

Atalay answered the question “Whether the HDP should be closed due to its alleged connection to PKK” as “We do not support the closure of a political party.”

“The responsible people should be punished, not the political constitutions. If there are some people who relate politics and terror, we should punish them,” Atalay said.

Pointing out the recent operations against outlawed PKK, self-proclaimed ISIS, and the far-left Revolutionary People's Liberation Party-Front (DHKP-C) “Turkish government made the best of its patience against terrorist attacks, operations are valid,” Atalay stated.  

“No government can accept and forgive these kind of attacks like killing of sleeping people in their houses,” he added reminding the murder of  two Turkish police officers in southeastern province of Sanliurfa by outlawed PKK on Wednesday.

Turkish security forces have detained 1,050 suspects across 34 Turkish provinces since the nationwide "anti-terrorist operations" in the country began, official sources said Monday.

“It is crucial to form a ‘security zone’ against ISIS in accordance with the agreement Turkey’s have worldwide,” Atalay said.

Both PKK and self-proclaimed ISIS are listed as terrorist organisations by Turkey, NATO and the EU.

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