Anti-terrorism units of Turkish police step PKK operations

Istanbul police detain 15 suspects belonging to youth branch of PKK as part of increased operations against terrorist group

Photo by: AA
Photo by: AA

Materials used in explosive making were seized by police officers in Hakkari province on Nov. 4, 2015.

Fifteen suspects that were alleged members of PKK’s youth arm, YDG-H, in Istanbul were detained by police on Wednesday over several charges, as security officers escalated operations against the terrorist organization.

In the raids conducted by anti-terrorism units of Istanbul Police Department in districts of Gaziosmanpasa and Sultangazi, two riffles and a gun were seized.

Police said, the suspects are detained over charges of robbery of supermarkets in Sultangazi, hijacking private security staff at the city forest preserve and throwing molotov cocktails at the stations of the security officers.

In southern province of Adana, seven suspects including two underage were detained in an anti-terrorism operation against terrorist PKK’s urban branch on Wednesday.

Also, three among six suspects detained in eastern Van province over charges of aiding and providing supply to PKK were arrested by court in the same day.

Van police had received a notification from public regarding the activities of the suspects. The officials say the help of citizens to security officers show the locals are supporting counter-terrorism.

In Guroymak district of Bitlis in eastern Turkey, one suspect was arrested for “aiding a terrorist organization,” namely PKK.

PKK terror attacks have killed 150 security officials and over 30 civilians in Turkey since the group’s umbrella organisation, KCK, unilaterally ended a two-and-a-half-year-long ceasefire with the government on July 11 and threatened Turkey with attacks.

In Tekman district of eastern Erzurum province, police detained two suspects who allegedly submitted a letter to the municipality, demanding self-governance. The suspects were referred to court after an interrogation.

According to office of Hakkari governorate, armed and masked PKK terrorists had set up barricades and bombs closing the main roads to traffic in Baglar neighborhood. Police intervened with an operation and cleared off the roads. However, PKK terrorists fired at police officers and a terrorist was killed during the clashes.

In search near the area, security officers seized 440 cartridges, two A4 type explosives, a rocket launcher bag holding three rocket propelling cartridges, four bomb set-ups, a hand made bomb and another hand made explosive, 12 firework sets, two detonators and more, all hidden under a bridge.

In meantime, a “student association” in Kirklareli province was raided by police officers over accusations of “collecting donations for PKK and making propaganda for a terrorist organization” fourteen suspects detained in the operation were released later.

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