Bangkok bomber attempts to join family members

Bangkok bomber’s attorney says he wanted to join family who lives in Istanbul, Turkey

Photo by: AA archive photo
Photo by: AA archive photo

Bangkok Bomber attempts to join family members

Choochart Kahpai, Bangkok bomber Bilal Mohammad’s - also known as Adem Karadag or Bilal Turk - attorney stated that Mohammad confessed to planting the bomb at the Erawan shrine – a Hindu shrine - on Aug. 17 at the behest of another suspect, Abdulla Abdulrahman.

The Bangkok explosion resulted in the death of 20 people and injured 130 near the Erwan shrine in Thai capital Bangkok on Aug. 17. The Erwan shrine is a popular destination for tourists and visitors.

The bomb detonated at a road junction in Rachaprasong between the Hindu shrine and hotel around 7 pm local time (1200 GMT).

Abdullah Abdulrahman, also known as “Izan,” another suspect in the Bangkok blast, is the mastermind behind the Bangkok bombing, Mohammad told his attorney. Abdulrahman guided Mohammad to carry out the explosion according to his attorney. 

Abdulrahman arrived in Bangladesh a day before the attack and left for China two weeks later. Bangladeshi police said that the suspect, planned the intricate details of the attack and fled a day before the blast, he stayed for two weeks in Dhaka, the capital of Bangladesh, and flew to Beijing on Aug. 30.

Mohammed said family, including his older brother and younger sister both live in Istanbul. He’s also claiming to be a Turkish citizen, however he admitted to being a Uighur Turk from China’s Xinjiang region. His attorney claims he was seeking to travel to Turkey to be with his family.

The police found Mohammed 12 days following the blast on Aug. 29 in an apartment. Along with arresting him, they confiscated hundreds of fake Turkish passports as well as bomb-making materials. According his attorney, Mohammad met with Abdulrahman who supplied him with a fake Turkish passport.

Meanwhile, the suspect, Mohammad told his attorney that he didn’t have means of communication following the blast and didn’t know what happened after the bombing.

His attorney stated that despite his client’s admission to the authorities, he had not realised what he had done until he saw photos of the blast and felt remorse for his actions.

Kahnpai will attempt to contact his client’s relatives in Turkey, and visit him again in two weeks.

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