Barzani condemns attack of PKK’s Syrian branch on KRG flag

Kurdistan Regional Government President condemns PKK’s Syrian branch PYD of hindering KRG flag flying during ‘Kurdistan Flag Day’

Photo by: AA
Photo by: AA

Kurdistan Regional Government (KRG) President Masoud Barzani speaks during a joint media conference after a meeting with German Foreign Minister Frank Walter Steinmeier at the presidential residence in Erbil, Iraq on Dec. 8, 2015

Kurdistan Regional Government (KRG) President Massoud Barzani has strongly condemned the PYD, which is the terrorist PKK’s Syrian branch, of obstructing the KRG flag flying on the occasion of “Kurdistan Flag Day” on Dec. 17.

Barzani said, “They will regret and feel shamed one day,” over the incident slamming the PYD actions against the KRG flag in northern Syria in a statement released by the KRG on its official website.

Some members of the Kurdish National Council of Syria (ENKS) tried to celebrate the flag day, but the PYD-affiliated forces have broken up the group and detained a few of them, Turkey’s Anadolu Agency has reported on Dec. 20.

Barzani congratulated “the resistance” of the ENKS members against “the hamperings and attacks of the so-called Kurds” and “appreciated that falling down of the flag was prevented,” according to the statement.

“What those forces [PYD] have done [during the flag day] was even not committed by the occupiers,” he pointed out.

The ENKS was established in late 2011 by numerous Syrian Kurdish parties in Erbil under the auspices of the Barzani administration. Later the PYD and the ENKS jointly established the Kurdish Supreme Committee (KSC) in July 2012 in Erbil with the mediation of Barzani.

However, the two groups have various political differences which have occasionally increased tension between them in the region as in the case of the flag dispute.

In addition, the YPG, which is the militant wing of the PYD, has many disagreements with Barzani’s peshmergas for the governance of northern Syria by the inclusively PYD-controlled local administrations.

The PYD has also allegedly forced the ENKS to fly the “Rojava” flag over their own buildings rather than the KRG flag.

In November 2013, the PYD announced three autonomous areas which are Afrin, Jazira and Kobane from west to the east in northern Syria following the withdrawal of the Assad regime forces.  

The areas have been allegedly liberated as a result of “Rojava Revolution” claimed by the PYD which has also called its controlled territories Rojava [West in Kurdish].

Barzani’s party Kurdistan Democratic Party (KDP) issued a statement this week condemning ill-advised activities of the PKK terrorist organisation in Turkey and Iraq in a reply to the recent accusations of the KCK, which is an umbrella organisation of PKK-affiliated groups in Turkey, Iraq, Iran, and Syria, concerning the close relationship between Barzani and Turkey.

Barzani previously called for the outlawed PKK leadership to leave northern Iraq in order to avoid civilian casualties following numerous Turkish air strikes against PKK targets in the region.

In response to the PKK attacks, Turkish security forces have stepped up efforts against the terrorist group and launched air strikes in several positions used by PKK in northern Iraq since late July.

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