Bird flu under control in Turkey, estimated 200,000 chickens culled

Estimated number of 200,000 chickens were culled in Turkey’s Balikesir province in last three days.

Photo by: AA
Photo by: AA

Updated Jul 28, 2015

Approximately 200,000 chickens are claimed to have been culled on Wednesday following the surface of bird flu cases in the Edincik neighborhood of the Bandirma district of Turkey’s northwestern province of Balikesir. 

On Sunday, official accounts confirmed the Edincik neighborhood was placed under quarantine after the Ministry of Food, Agriculture and Animal Husbandry officials launched inspections and culled 40,000 chickens in the past four months. 

Hunting was prohibited immediately after the determination of bird flu over the weekend and that no entries except for official vehicles were allowed in the town.

About 2.5 millions of chickens are raised at 132 stockbreeding farms annually in the Edincik neighborhood.

A separate report from CNN Turk news claimed the actual figure of culled chickens to be 1.5 million, citing remarks of the local breeders in the area. 

Quarantine is still in effect in Edincik and culling is still being conducted by the officials, indicating the initial estimates concerning the number of culled chickens will escalate. 

In the meantime, another quarantine is in effect in the rural Kocoguz neighborhood of Kuce district in Kastamonu province, as chickens were culled in an area covering three kilometers. 

Blood samples were taken from chickens raised in the area covering seven kilometers outside  the center of the incident, however, no traces of bird flu was found.

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