Bosphorus Bridge renamed July 15 Martyrs' Bridge

Prime Minister Binali Yildirim announces the renaming of the Bosphorus Bridge and that the Gendarmerie and Coast Guard Commands will be fully tied to the Interior Ministry.

Photo by: AA (Archive)
Photo by: AA (Archive)

Turkish citizens rally at the Bosphorus Bridge, which will be renamed: the July 15 Martyrs' Bridge, in Istanbul to protest against the failed military coup attempt.

Turkish Prime Minister Binali Yildirim announced on Monday that his cabinet has decided to rename the Bosphorus Bridge as the July 15 Martyrs' Bridge.

He said that two monuments will be erected in Istanbul and Ankara in honour of those who were martyred resisting the attempted coup.

Around 246 people were martyred and more than 2,100 others wounded during the botched coup attempted by a faction of the military on July 15.

A week later, Turkey's President Recep Tayyip Erdogan also declared July 15th as the 'Day to Commemorate Martyrs' in memory of civilians and police officers who gave their lives fighting tanks, helicopters, and heavily armed soldiers who attempted to overthrow the government. 

Addressing a press conference held after the third meeting of the cabinet since the thwarted coup attempt, Prime Minister Yildirim said that the Gendarmerie and Coast Guard Commands will be fully tied to the Interior Ministry.

He also announced that the meeting of the Supreme Military Council (YAS) will be held on July 28 and added that, for the first time, the venue will be the Prime Ministry office at Ankara. The Supreme Military Council (YAS) meeting is customarily held at the end of August.

Yildirim said that a number of small-scale constitutional changes are coming through the consensus of the parties, whose leaders met with the president earlier during the day.

He said that the parties have agreed on the need for necessary changes to the Constitution to ease deadlocks in the system.

Earlier, the leaders of the ruling Justice and Development (AK) Party, the main opposition the Republican People’s Party (CHP), and the Nationalist Movement Party (MHP), met with President Recep Tayyip Erdogan at the Presidential Palace.

“We will work together to prepare the infrastructure for this [system],” Yildirim said. 

On bigger changes to come, he added, “We have decided to continue the unfinished process to make a new constitution.”

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