Car bomb by PKK hits state hospital in southeastern Turkey

Damaged hospital in Hakkari province of Turkey can no longer provide service

Photo by: AA
Photo by: AA

Local residents who are mostly affected by car bombing of PKK terrorist organisation in southeastern province of Turkey, Hakkari

car bomb was set off by PKK terrorists on Thursday and has caused a great damage to the buildings of disctrict governership, district police department, and district state hospital in southeastern province of Hakkari, Turkey.

Explosion has affected the newborn units, postnatal ward, emergency unit, hemodialyses, operating theatre, and boarding of the state hospital. Services have been unable to operate due to damages they have received.

Hundreds of people were having medical treatment from the state hospital on a daily basis.

Chairman of District Tradesman and Craftsmen Chamber of Drivers and Vehicle, Muharrem Tekin has said ‘’According to our research and identifications, 59 workplace in Serment Street were hard-hit, 11 of which seriously damaged and became dysfunctional. Also, in Cumhuriyet Street, 101 workplaces’ glasses were broken, and 9 workplaces went dysfunctional. We know that some houses, cars and state institutions and organisations got damaged as well.’’

He also said ‘’many people got injured due to the car bomb couldn’t manage to go to hospital for treatment so they are trying to treat their wounds at their homes.’’

Ex-deputy Prime Minister Besir Atalay said ‘’They (PKK) want to silence our people with these bombings. All of their aim is to effect the results of general election.’’

A pharmacy got damaged and dysfunctional by car bomb of PKK terrorist organisation in Hakkari, southeastern province of Turkey

In the on-going battle with PKK terrorists, Hakkari is one of the provinces that has suffered the most in terror attacks between Turkish security officers and PKK terrorists. The PKK started their terror attacks on Turkish officers on July 11, when their umbrella organisation, KCK, unilaterally ended over two-year-long cease fire with the government.  

Since then, 34 (out of a total 148) security officers have been killed by PKK terrorists in Hakkari.

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