Controversial Turkish prosecutors dismissed by top court

Turkey’s highest court dismisses four controversial prosecutors including Zekeriya Oz and judge involved in Turkey’s ‘Dec. 17-25’ alleged judicial attempt to carry out a coup

Photo by: AA
Photo by: AA

Updated Aug 19, 2015

Turkey’s top court, Supreme Board of Judges and Prosecutors (HSYK) ruled to expel four prosecutors including Zekeriya Oz who has been a disputed figure and a judge, from their positions over accusations of involvement in an alleged judicial coup plot against the government on Dec. 17-25 of 2013. The dismissed prosecutors are Zekeriya Oz, Celal Kara, Muammer Akkas, Mehmet Yuzgec and the judge Suleyman Karacol. HSYK is the body responsible for appointment, removal, and promotion of high judges and prosecutors within the judicial system. According to HSYK, the decision was ruled by the 69th clause of the HSYK codes. A report prepared by HSYK chief inspector Omer Kara claimed that, “Defective and unsuitable actions conducted by the prosecutors have damaged the honour and influence of their position,” which requires dismissal of prosecutors according to 69th clause. The head of second chamber at HSYK, Mehmet Yilmaz said in addition to the allegations, prosecutor Oz was dismissed due to his “Dubai trip,” which has been claimed to be funded by a prominent Turkish businessman, his involvement in zoning tenders in İstanbul’s Fatih district, and fabricating employment paperworks while he was abroad. Yilmaz said it was not possible for Oz to remain in position considering the existing actions that would destroy the honour and influence of his title. On Dec. 31, HSYK ruled Oz who was in charge of Dec. 17-25 probes along with three other prosecutors, would be suspended until the investigation filed against them is concluded. HSYK ordered Bakırkoy Chief Prosecutor’s office to conduct the probe against prosecutors on April 15. Oz is known to be affiliated with the Gulen Movement led by the US based Turkish preacher Fethullah Gulen. The movement is accused of forming an inner circle consisting of members - also known as the “parallel state”- within the government institutions such as judiciary, police force and the bureaucracy while also claimed to be responsible for attempting to overthrow the governing Justice and Development Party (AK Party) through a judicial plot by Dec. 17-25 investigation. According to Yilmaz, the investigation revealed the prosecutors breached over their legal powers and violated laws during the Dec. 17-25 probes they carried out against the government. “The sudden launch of the Dec. 17-25 investigations by three different prosecutors was rather meaningful and was against ordinary flow in the system. HSYK concluded that the investigation was biased and was aimed at creating a distrust among the public against the government,” he said.

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