DAESH terrorist identified as Ankara bombing driver

DAESH terrorist who injured five policemen during anti-terror operation is identified as Ankara bombing driver Halil Ibrahim Durgun

Photo by: AA
Photo by: AA

Turkish official inspects a house damaged after an explosion during an anti-terror operation in Gaziantep, Turkey on November 15, 2015.

Turkish security forces on Sunday identified the DAESH terrorist who injured five policemen in a blast inside his apartment building as Ankara bombing driver, Halil Ibrahim Durgun.

Five Turkish policemen were injured, when Durmaz blew himself up at his apartment before the security forces raided the fifth floor flat in the 10-story building in Turkey’s southeastern Gaziantep province Sunday.

According to security sources, Halil Ibrahim Durgun was identified as the driver who helped two suicide bombers to travel from Gaziantep to Ankara, where 102 people died and more than 500 others were wounded in twin blasts.

The blasts targeted a “peace” march, which was organised by leftist labor unions in Turkey’s capital Ankara on Oct. 10.

The investigation reports have previously said that the bombers traveled from Turkey’s southeastern Gaziantep province to Ankara in two cars, which is a method widely used by smugglers in order to escape from police control.

Since July, security forces in the country have been conducting anti-terrorist operations across Turkey after a DAESH suicide bombing killed dozens of people in Suruc district of  Sanliurfa province on July 20.


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