Davutoglu says ’Turkey to clear PKK from the mountains’

Turkish Prime Minister holds press conference in Ankara following recent terror attack by PKK terrorists which killed 16 soldiers and wounded 6 in Turkey’s east

Photo by: AA
Photo by: AA

Turkish Prime Minister, Ahmet Davutoglu

Updated Sep 8, 2015

Turkish Prime Minister Ahmet Davutoglu held a press conference in Ankara on Monday, a day after the PKK terrorist group killed 16 and wounded 6 soldiers belonging to the Daglica battalion stationed in the district of Yuksekova in Turkey’s eastern Hakkari Province.

Emphasising the government’s dedication to protecting the country’s unity and solidarity, Davutoglu said, “Since July 24 all our security forces have been instructed with a powerful political will to liquidate terror groups in Turkey wherever they are or no matter what kind of evil they are supported by.”

On the latest terror attack carried out by PKK terrorists, Davutoglu said, “As of early Monday our security units that have been reinforced with specified commando units and special forces have taken control of the highway located in the deep valley and have also reached and evacuated our martyred soldiers who lost their lives in yesterday’s clashes."

"Yesterday’s operations were launched on September 2, since then a very extensive operation has been carried out in Yuksekova and the rural area around it where the terror group has been hiding," he added. 

He also outlined that the aim of Turkish security forces is to ensure the public order and dominance of the legitimate authorities throughout every centimeter and every corner of Turkey. "I talk especially for this province, securing the highway between the Yuksekova-Kamıslı-Daglıca route to allow our citizens there to travel in peace. These operations that have been carried out in and around Hakkari have progressed stage by stage since September 2, which has step by step come to Daglıca province,” he said. 

With regards to the increase in killings, Davutoglu underlined the government stand against terror attacks will continue.

Davutoglu called on Turkey's other political parties for solidarity against the attackers, using the same language.

Davutoglu said that "those who try to shake the nation in difficult times, when we all need to stand together, will have a terrible place in history.”

He also said that there has been black propaganda in media outlets alongside the terror attacks as the Turkish government is fighting against violence and barbarity. He said that the Turkish people need to stand shoulder by shoulder against this propaganda.

In response to attacks by the PKK and ISIS, Turkish security forces have reportedly stepped up their efforts against the militant groups and have killed more than seven hundred PKK terrorists.

During domestic operations and air strikes, the Turkish security forces have targeted PKK camps and teams in northern Iraq as well as several positions used by ISIS in northern Syria since late July.  

Davutoglu warned the PKK, ISIS and DHKP-C along and said external forces behind these militant groups have a special agenda to push Turkey into a vicious circle. He also said that Turkey’s greatest power is its security forces combined with its democracy which is an essential part of the nation's character.

“I believe our citizens living in southeastern and eastern regions will support our security forces and our state in a joint action against brutality and atrocities of this terrorist organisation and its nefarious attacks,” he said.

“I also have faith that our shared sense of belonging and brotherhood from history will be our great strength in the fight against terror,” he added.

Turkey has long been confronted with armed attacks in its southeastern regions by the outlawed PKK, which was founded in 1974 by Abdullah Ocalan and his supporters. Armed clashes and acts of violence have continued on and off for more than 30 years, and claimed more than 40,000 lives.

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