Details of ISIS operation in Diyarbakir emerge

Details of anti-terror operation against ISIS in Turkey’s Diyarbakir come to light

Photo by: AA
Photo by: AA

A Turkish security officer seen conducting operations against ISIS in Diyarbakir on October 26, 2015.

Updated Oct 27, 2015

Turkish Deputy Prime Minister Numan Kurtulmus gave a statement on Monday revealing the details of a recent anti-terror operation against ISIS in the southeastern province of Diyarbakir.

Kurtulmus said that two policemen were killed during a raid in the Huzurevleri quarter of Kayabasi district in Diyarbakir.

In the meantime seven ISIS terrorists were killed during the firefight, he added.

The names of the fallen police officers were confirmed as Gokhan Cakici and Sadik Ozkan.

The police officers lost their lives when bombs the terrorists had planted exploded while they tried to unlock the door of a terrorist cell during a raid, Kurtulmus said.  

The deputy prime minister also said the identities of the killed ISIS terrorists will be shared once their nationalities are determined.

"The operations were launched this morning as security officers following the suspects since Friday decided to carry out the raids. Seven ISIS terrorists were killed during these comprehensive operations," Kurtulmus said. 

Anti-terror operations were executed simultaneously at 17 different sites where potential ISIS suicide bombers were suspected to be present.

"We will determine which ones are Turkish nationals and which are foreign nationals.This was a significant operation. An important ISIS group was eliminated with the operation," Kurtulmus stated.

Security forces seized 12 suspected terrorists alive and took them to the police department for interrogation. 

Five police officers who were injured during the operations are still being treated at Dicle university hospital and they are reported to be in no life-threatening conditions. 

Due to the clashes, two primary schools in the district were evacuated and some workplaces were also closed.

Police forces took high security measures in the area, blocking entrances. 

Turkish security forces have recently conducted numerous operations in several provinces against ISIS, detaining a number of suspects as the nation is recovering from the most deadly terror attack in the history of the country which took place in Turkey's capital Ankara on Oct. 10.

Twin suicide bombings in Ankara, targeting a march organised by leftist labour unions, killed 102 people and injured 500 others.

Officials believe that the suicide bombers had links with ISIS.

Since July, five Turkish security officers were killed by ISIS while one other is still being held by ISIS in Syria. 

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