Discover the Architecture Genius Sinan in Istanbul

Masterpieces of the Genius Architect Sinan can now be seen at an exhibition which took two years to prepare, and can now be visited in Istanbul until 31 May.

Courtesy of: MSGSU
Courtesy of: MSGSU

Updated Jul 28, 2015

Architect Sinan, who shaped architecture during the Ottoman Empire in the 16th century is still the star of Turkish and Ottoman architecture. 

Mimar Sinan has been compared by some to the 16th century Italian architect and painter Michelangelo. 

He built over 365 masterpieces during his lifetime. These include: 84 mosques , 52 masjids, 57 madrasahs, 7 darulquras, 22 mausoleums, 17 lodging houses, 3 infirmaries, five water canals, eight bridges, 20 caravanserais, 36 palaces, 8eight cellars and 48 Turkish baths.

His creations are not just in Turkey but can also be seen in many places from Buda to Mecca, from Sofia to Damascus.

The exhibition marks his 427th anniversary of his death and was prepared by Turkey’s leading historians, architects and academics.

Organized by the Istanbul-based Mimar Sinan Research Center and the Allevents company, the exhibition at Tophane-i Amire Culture and Arts Center, tells the story of the architect and his works with 3-D animation techniques and digital maps.

Mimar Sinan, who worked as a chief architect and civil engineer of the Ottoman Empire, is described as "the greatest architect of the classical period of Ottoman architecture."  

The eight-section exhibition showcases pictures of his works, his building models and drawings with the focus on Sinan’s masterpieces and his architectural style.

Professor Demet Kiran, head of the Faculty of Architecture in the Istanbul-based Mimar Sinan Fine Arts University said  "Our aim is to make people better understand him through this exhibition and to make them visit his real works in Istanbul." 

Kiran also stated that they aimed to increase his international recognition, adding he is not known enough across the globe, in spite of his masterpieces around the world. 

"We could not tell people the world architecture history without Mimar Sinan."

"Istanbul attains its real silhouette with Sinan’s works. If you remove his works in Istanbul, nothing remains," Turkish architect and engineer Cengiz Bektas told The Anadolu Agency after the press conference. 

"The most significant feature of Mimar Sinan is to choose people as a guide in his works," he said. "And, he always attached importance to the city's design with his big and small works."

A documentary called "5 Centuries Later 4 Seasons in Istanbul from Sinan's Minarets" is also shown in the exhibition. Sponsored by Turkish Airlines and Sony, the 16-minute documentary tells the story of Istanbul through four seasons.

It will then be on display in other provinces of Turkey such as Kayseri, Ankara, Eskisehir and Izmir. It is also expected to be exhibited in cities in Europe, the U.S., the Middle East and the Far East in 2016.

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