Erdogan calls for solidarity against terror in Europe trip

Turkish President Erdogan visits Turkish communities in Strasbourg, Brussels, stresses unity against terrorism

Photo by: AA
Photo by: AA

Turkish President, Recep Tayyip Erdogan greets Turkish people as he arrives for the rally of “Millions of Voices as One against Terror" in Strasbourg, France on October 04, 2015.

Turkey’s President, Recep Tayyip Erdogan on Sunday, spoke to a packed crowd at the Zenith Hall in Strasbourg, France.

The event was hosted by European Non-Governmental Association, on behalf of 'Millions of Voices as One against Terror' movement.

Erdogan stressed that terrorist organisations and entities using them as a tool, aim to brake Turkey’s union.

“Main threat of a terror organization, is not its attacks. We are beating them and we will continue to beat them. We will continue until our nation’s peace and unity is firmly secured. Real threat is damage done to our unity, solidarity and thousand year brotherhood.”

Erdogan noted that Turkey is combating not only terrorists, but also terrorism.

He said “This period is different from previous periods, we are combating not only terrorists but also terrorism. When we eliminate terrorism, terrorist problem will solve itself. I want to underline this important point, we are combating terror, not our brothers who live in that region. This has to be crystal clear. Our fight is not with our Kurdish brothers, our fight is against terrorism and terrorists. A Political party that leans on a terror organisation for support, cannot claim to represent the Kurdish people.”

Erdogan stressed that no one can start an operation aimed at breaking the unity of Turkey and said “No one can start an operation over our homeland. If they do, they will come face to face with the Republic of Turkey, they will come face to face with the full might of our security forces and also the Turkish people. We did not inherit this country from marauders and because of this, we will never leave the security and the future of our nation to a handful of marauders.”

“Anyone who threatens our union will be our mortal enemy”

Erdogan continued his speech by saying “I’m saying it loud and clear, whomever attacks our unity, the honour of our flag, the integrity of our homeland and the future of our state, is our mortal enemy. If we cannot maintain our unity, we will tarnish our future. If we dishonour our flag, the sacrifice of our soldiers will have been in vain. If we compromise our nations solidarity, we can’t survive in Anatolia or Thrace. If we lose our country, we will lose everything. We as a nation and people, lived and experienced a lot of these said things in Anatolia, so we have to be aware.”

"Terrorist organizations are like scorpions"

Erdogan called for joint action against terrorism and said “Terror organizations are like scorpions. Eventually they will sting the ones carrying them, supporting them and using them. Because this is in their nature. Come, let us fight together against these inhuman organisations. Let’s raise our voices together against terrorism. Believe me if we do, not only will we have a much safer Turkey, but also a safer Europe and a safer world.”

Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan is meeting with Turks in Stefanie Square in Brussels / Photo by AA

After the meeting in Strasburg, President Erdogan left France to attend a meeting with Turks in Brussels called "Unity, Peace, Love, Peace Meeting" which is hosted by European Turkish Democrats Union.

Erdogan highlighted that more than two million Syrian and Iraqi refugees are living in Turkey, opposed to 250 thousand in the whole of Europe.