Erdogan to meet with party leaders ahead of coalition talks

President Erdogan announces plans to meet with all four party leaders ahead of coalition talks

Photo by: AA
Photo by: AA

Updated Jul 28, 2015

Speaking to the press on his return from Baku, President Recep Tayyip Erdogan announced on Sunday that he plans to meet with all four party leaders ahead of coalition talks before asking the majority vote holder Justice and Development Party (AK Party) to form a government.

“I would like to invite all elected party leaders and have a meeting with them separately. I can start these meetings next week before swearing ceremony of the deputies,” said Erdogan.

Stating that he will ask the AK Party to form a government because they the gained majority of the votes, Erdogan continued “If they are unable to form a coalition, I will request it from the second-highest ranking party. We have 45 days for establishing a coalition. I hope it will not exceed. The electorate did not want any party to form a government on its own.”

“In order to protect gains regarding investments and international affairs, the government must be formed immediately. If not, it is inevitable to go to the polls again. I see this as the repetition of the elections, not  -an early election,” said Erdogan.

Erdogan also remarked on his discomfort about speculations over his presidency.

“I do not approve of discussions over the presidency as Turkey has a president elected with the 52 percent of the nation’s votes. This is being disrespectful to the people’s will.”

Answering a question about electoral threshold Erdogan said, “When I was prime minister, I stated my thoughts on Turkey’s election system clearly. We could lower the threshold to 5 percent and use a district electoral system or we could remove the threshold completely and change the system to a district electoral system as I had offered before.”

In the June 7 general election, none of the four parties elected to the Turkish Grand National Assembly were able to achieve the majority necessary to form a single-party government. This means they will likely need to form a coalition government or new elections will take place.

Unofficial results indicate that the AK Party, which has held a single party government in Turkey for the past three terms, won 40.87 percent of the votes.

Following the AK Party, the Republican People’s Party (CHP) gained 24.95 percent of the votes while the Nationalist Movement Party (MHP) won 16.29 percent and pro-Kurdish Peoples’ Democratic Party (HDP) won 13,12 percent.

After the elections, the political parties will try to reach an agreement on self-conditions over forming a coalition as soon as possible and daily commentary is given by deputies of political parties.

In Turkey's tense political atmosphere, an early election is seen more probable considering that the rivalry between the opposition parties might result in a deadlock in the formation of a government.

If the parliament fails to establish a new government within 45 days, an early election will be inevitable.

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