Erdogan puts disarmament of PKK as only way to solution

Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan requires disarmament of PKK for complete solution in country

Photo by: AA
Photo by: AA

Turkish President Erdogan gives a speech in the meeting with the members of council of higher education (YOK)

Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan held a speech during a meeting with the members of the Council of Higher Education (YOK)  in the Presidential Complex on Tuesday.

Erdogan opened his speech by touching upon the recent terror attacks conducted by the outlawed PKK and said that "at this point the only solution is for the PKK to lay down its arms; nothing else can be discussed," with emphasis on, that nothing else can be negotiated with the outlawed group.

Erdogan also underlined that the local community bears a high responsibility with respect to the PKK laying down arms and added "it is the terror organisation itself which hampers the commerce and the livelihood of people with terrorist actions."

While offering condolences to the families of 16 soldiers who were killed by the PKK ambush in Turkey's eastern province Hakkari, Erdogan said  that "they joint the crowd of the martyrs" commemorating the fallen soldiers.

Erdogan stated that the state mechanisms may move slowly, but there is no power that can halt them, once they take off.

"No power, gang, organisation or perception management operations can block the power of the state once it proceeds" said the president, while noting that the PKK and its structure has been seriously damaged and they will continue to fight until the militant group is completely destroyed.

Erdogan also claimed that the recent surge in attacks were mostly due to the fact that the militants panicked with the blows they received from Turkish forces within and outside of Turkey.

"Unity and solidarity are essential to preserve the country at such a critical period."

Erdogan said that "when it comes to the fate of my county, everything else is meaningless," as he was highlighting the importance of unity and solidarity during the critical time of the country.

Erdogan harshly criticized everyone who does not sincerely condemn the terror attacks and repeated that the PKK ended the reconciliation process and sabotaged peace.

He also commented on opponent voices saying "as much as Turkey needs a ruling party, it also needs opposition parties."

However, Erdogan dismissed the actions of politicians and media outlets who explicitly and implicitly support the militant group through their statements.

The latest terror attacks by the outlawed PKK came on Tuesday when PKK terrorists attacked a police bus in Turkey's eastern province of Igdir, killing 14 Turkish policemen as well as a policeman in Turkey's eastern Tunceli province. 

With this incident, at least 110 Turkish security officials have been killed in terror attacks carried out by the militant group and its affiliates since PKK’s umbrella organisation, the Group of Communities in Kurdistan (KCK) ended ceasefire with the Turkish government on July 11.


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