Erdogan says Turkey to cooperate in coalition against DAESH

Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan says Turkey could take step with coalition forces against DAESH, as its world wide threat

Photo by: AA
Photo by: AA

Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan is seen speaking at Mabeyn Mansion in Yildiz Palace during live television interview on Wednesday

During a live television interview, Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan said on Wednesday that Turkey could take a step against DAESH with coalition forces as the terrorist organisation is a common threat for all countries.

"DAESH is already a target for us because the terror organisation is both an external and internal threat to our country," Erdogan said.

With respect to the fight against the terrorist group, Erdogan said "For me, there are three important main points that should be attached importance.

Firstly, we need a no-flight zone and secondly, a security zone cleared of two terrorist organisations [PKK and DAESH]. The third point is that we need to make train-equip programs for opposition groups fighting against DAESH."

He also said that "Our relevant departments carry out work over the issue, however there is not a certain time period scheduled for these steps."

Meanwhile, Turkish security forces have been conducting numerous domestic operations in several provinces against the two terrorist organisations, PKK and DAESH, which carried out several deadly attacks in the country.

Touching upon the recent anti-terror operations against PKK, Erdogan said that the operations will continue until peace and security is provided in all provinces of Turkey.

He also said that the "Turkish government is seriously targeted by different groups inside [within the country], but with the results of the recent election on Nov. 1, our people stood upright against all these attacks which led our country to grow stronger."

"We will continue to improve with our new cabinet which will be formed soon." he added.

In response to the question of a probable new constitution along with the new parliament, Erdogan said that "We worked on constitutional changes earlier and the political parties in the parliament should maintain this process. For example, I suggested for implementation of a presidential system in the country and I will bring up my proposal again."

"What matters here is that our people, especially our politicians and academicians should discuss whether this system will contribute to Turkey or not," he said.

In relation to the new government that is in the process of forming, Erdogan said that "Our Prime Minister Mr. Davutoglu will carry out the necessary works for the establishment of the cabinet council and I, as the president, am mostly concerned about the formation of a cabinet which will be successful in the long run. At this stage, it is really important for us to synchronize with each other."

Significant role of Turkey highlighted in G20

Erdogan stated that "The significant role of Turkey in the world was highlighted at the G20 meeting, as world leaders realised the success of the organisation and presented their congratulations to us," referring to the G20 Summit hosted by Turkey earlier this week.

Turkey hosted world leaders and heads of top economic organisations at the G20 Summit in the country's southern Antalya province on Nov.15-16.

Erdogan also noted that he was pleased with the result, adding that Turkey held the organisation in the best way possible.

At the end of the two-day G20 summit in Turkey, world leaders have stressed the fight against terrorism, border controls as well as sharing more intelligence on Monday.

They also promised to ensure "robust and inclusive growth" and create more jobs, saying in their final statement that they met to "determine further collective actions towards achieving strong, sustainable and balanced growth to raise the prosperity of our people."

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