Ex-Kaynak directors accused of smuggling money

Former directors of Kaynak Holding accused of smuggling 30 million Turkish liras abroad

Photo by: AA
Photo by: AA

Court-appointed trustees of Kaynak Holding have filed a criminal complaint against the conglomerate’s former directors for smuggling large sums of money abroad.

Attorney Muhammed Hardalac submitted a criminal complaint on Monday on behalf of the trustees against the directors at the Istanbul-based Public Prosecutor's Office for allegedly smuggling 30 million Turkish liras abroad.  

The Istanbul-based Kaynak Holding is accused of providing financial support to what officials describe as the "Gulenist Terror Organization," the movement led by US-based Turkish preacher Fetullah Gulen which is accused of plotting to overthrow the elected Turkish government.

The trustees took over Kaynak’s 19 companies, a foundation and a union in Istanbul on Nov. 18. The move was made in accordance with a court order that came at the request of the Istanbul Public Prosecutor's Office.

Kaynak was also the subject of a tax investigation last year.

The Gulen movement is accused of plotting to overthrow the government by infiltrating state institutions, mainly the police and the judiciary.

Gulen supporters are accused of engaging in long-term wiretapping of high-ranking government officials and mounting a coup d'etat attempt through a graft investigation in December 2013, which had then targeted cabinet members.

On Nov. 9, a court in Istanbul ordered the arrest in absentia of Fetullah Gulen.