Explosive laden van destroyed by soldiers in Hakkari

Turkish security forces destroy two tonnes of explosives in vehicle driven by PKK terrorist in southeastern province of Hakkari

Photo by: AA
Photo by: AA

Site of explosion in Durankaya town of southeastern Hakkari Province seen in this Sept. 20 dated photo

Two tons of explosives detected by security officers to be used in a terror attack against a gendermerie station in the town of Durankaya in southeastern Hakkari Province were destroyed on Saturday night.

According to reports by Turkey's security forces, a vehicle loaded with bombs was shot at by soldiers and then exploded.

The security officers stopped a minibus in line with security precautions implemented in the region, however the PKK terrorist driving the vehicle attempted to drive away after which the officers trapped the vehicle.

When the vehicle was destroyed by the officers the PKK terrorist driving it was killed in the resulting explosion, which created a crater with a depth of up to three meters and a width of five meters.

Pieces of the vehicle were scattered up to hundreds of meters away and the roof of a nearby barn flew off in the explosion.

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