Father of militant accuses PKK of brainwashing his son

Father of PKK terrorist who conducted terror attack in which two police officers were killed in Adana accuses PKK of convincing son to join militant group

Photo by: AA
Photo by: AA

The father of an PKK terrorist who conducted the terror attack in which two police officers were killed in Turkey’s southern province of Adana on Friday has accused the PKK of convincing his son to join the militant group during his son’s funeral on Sunday.

The father of the PKK terrorist claimed that his son could have been abducted or persuaded to join the PKK and said “he went to university two years ago, we have not heard of him since that time.”

“I have never thought that my son could kill a person, I am so sorry. Does a father want his son to be a terrorist, to kill people?” the father cried.

Turkish security forces found the two PKK terrorists dead during a security operation. The militants were allegedly named “Siyar Renas” and “Kadir.”

The militant “Siyar Renas” was buried on Sunday after his father claimed his body from the hospital.

PKK is listed as a terrorist organisation by Turkey, NATO, the US and EU.

A group protested against the representatives of the Peoples’ Democratic Party (HDP) who came to the hospital to transfer militants’ dead bodies.

A total of 20 Turkish security officials and four civilian were killed by PKK terrorists in several attacks since the Suruc suicide bombing, allegedly carried out by ISIS in the southeastern Sanliurfa province that claimed 32 lives on July 20.

Turkey has stepped up efforts against militant groups launching air strikes on several positions used by PKK and ISIS in northern Iraq and Syria respectively since July 23.

The Group of Communities (KCK), an umbrella organisation which brings all PKK units together, issued a statement on July 11 saying that the truce with the Turkish government has ended due to what they call "Turkey's insistence on dam constructions."

KCK stated that the vehicles used in the construction of dams will be targeted.

On July 15, the co-chair of KCK, Bese Hozat, declared the beginning of a “revolutionary war” inviting hundreds of people to rise and “heighten the democracy struggle, radically if needed, refusing to leave the squares for days, weeks.”

After the statements, many private properties as well as governmental assets were targeted in armed attacks across Turkey.


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