Feb. 28 child coup victim Yakup Kose released from prison

Feb. 28 coup victim Yakup Kose released after being sent back to prison

Photo by: AA
Photo by: AA

Updated Jul 28, 2015

Yakup Kose, a child victim of Turkey’s Feb. 28 1997 post-modern military coup, has been released after being sent back to prison in December 2014.

Released following a request made by lawyer Abdullah Ozbek, Kose was welcomed by his friends and family outside the Silivri Department of Corrections in Istanbul.

Referring to his tweet, “Fethullah Gulen’s turn will come”, after the arrest of two alleged members of “parallel state”, Ekrem Dumanlı and Hidayet Karaca, Kose said that “two hours after my tweet I was dragged into a municipality bus and detained.”

An inner circle named ‘Parallel State’ is alleged to be formed by the members of the Gulen Movement with the aim of infiltrating into the judiciary, police force, bureaucracy and the media. The Movement is led by US based Turkish preacher Fethullah Gulen.

Yakup Kose was sent back to prison following an operation carried out by the police, and the court decided to sentence him to prison for six years and eight months to complete his original sentence which had been amended in 2004.

Kose was jailed at the age of 14 for participation in demonstrations along with members of the conservative Welfare Party (RP) in 1997 to voice support for the Chechens. His life sentence on charges of being a member of a terrorist organisation was reduced to 18 years and eight months as he was a minor at the time.

In 2004, he was discharged due to an amendment made to his sentence after he spent nine years in prison. During his term in prison Kose says he was tortured and published his memories of time he spent there in a book named “Feb. 28 Prison Notes from the Eyes of a Child.”

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